• PAR 50

      $ 9.99 mo
      • Dedicated RAM1GB
      • Processor 1 vCores
      • Storage 50GB
      • Single User
      • Administrator Account
      • Dedicated IP 1
    • PAR 100

      $ 17.99 mo
      • Dedicated RAM 3GB
      • Processor 3 Cores
      • Storage 100GB
      • Single User
      • Administrator Account
      • Dedicated IP 1

In the case of Private RDP, you are given full Administrator rights that indicate you can do almost anything in Private RDP. It allows you to install any software that you want to. Some of its other uses are hosting a website, transferring files, running Macros, uploading and downloading, torrent downloading, for storage, run a BOT, run a BTC core, running apps 24/7 and a lot more.

AdminRDP is a renowned database and Web hosting company based in Canada. We use only branded enterprise hardware from partners like HP, Dell and Supermicro. The high-quality network we use assures ultimate performance and user satisfaction. You can purchase private RDP server from us in countries like the USA, Netherland, Canada, Germany and the UK.

We have different deals for you in small and large segments. The small segment includes PAR 50, PAR 75 and PAR 100 while the large segment includes PAR 200, PAR 300 and PAR 400. The PAR 50 that offers 1GB RAM, 1 vCores Processor, 50GB Storage, 1 dedicated IP, a single user with access to administrator is available at $ 9.99/month.

Similarly, the rest of the PAR plans come with additional advantages as you opt for an advance category at higher rates of $ 12.99/month, $ 17.99/month, $ 20.99/month, $ 25.99/month and $ 29.99/month respectively.