• CHEAP Admin one

      $ 6.99 mo
      • Dedicated RAM512MB
      • Processor 1 vCores
      • Storage 50GB
      • Single User
      • Administrator Account
      • Dedicated IP 1
    • CHEAP ADMIN three

      $ 11.99 mo
      • Dedicated RAM 1.5GB
      • Processor 12 vCores
      • Storage 100GB
      • Single User
      • Administrator Account
      • Dedicated IP 1

Admin RDP Plans allow you to install the software or do certain work that requires permission from the Admin. Being a member of the Administrator group you get to connect to a session to remotely administer the terminal server with the help of the Admin switch. Since this is a cheap service so though you have the privileges of an Admin, your abilities are limited.

Here, at AdminRDP we deal with a number of pre-installed software and our servers are fully loaded and ready to use. We house a team of trained IT professionals who are always there for your help whenever you request. Based in the USA, if you are thinking to buy cheap admin RDP you can always count on our professional service.

Some of the cheap plans we have in store for you are Cheap Admin One, Two and Three. The Cheap Admin One plan covers a dedicated RAM of 512MB, a 1 vCores Processor, Storage space of 50GB, 1 dedicated IP, Single user Administrator Account at a price of $ 6.99/ month. The Cheap Admin Two and Three has all the other features common except for the fact that the former has a dedicated RAM of 1GB, a 12 vCores Processor and 75GB of Storage at a cost of $ 9.99/month while the later offers a dedicated RAM of 1.5GB, Processor 12 vCores and 100GB Storage at a cost of $ 11.99/month.